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Spain arrests three Al Qaeda suspects


Spanish authorities have arrested three suspected Al Qaeda militants who were allegedly planning an attack in “Spain and/or other European countries” and confiscated enough explosives “to destroy a bus,” Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz said today in a press conference.

“It’s one of the most important international [operations] against Al Qaeda,” Mr. Fernández Díaz said. “According to the information from allied intelligence services that are helping in this operation, I can confirm that there are clear indications that these people were planning” a terrorist attack, he said.

Western security officials have grown more concerned about the terrorist threat posed by so-called lone wolves – people who have sympathies with Al Qaeda but act alone or as a small cell, without direction from an organizational authority. Intelligence services suspect there are dozens of such militants in Europe. They are harder to trace or identify than organized groups, as they usually remain inoperative for years.

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