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It’s nice to hear about an art recovery for a change. And, as in Marina Del Ray last year, the drop-off site was a church. –AA

Nearly a dozen pieces of artwork stolen from a Saint Andrews home have been found a short distance away on the steps of a church in Chamcook.

RCMP said several pieces of artwork were stolen between Saturday evening and early Sunday morning from the house on Parr Street.

Melanie Wood, who rents the house from a local artist and art collector, told CBC News she had gone away for the weekend and when she returned home on Sunday, she discovered a number of pieces were missing.

On Tuesday she said she was “ecstatic” about the return of the art.

“I was feeling not so good this morning and pretty vulnerable and violated after what had happened,” she said.

“Knowing it was probably someone that has been in my home and I shared maybe a drink with, or coffee, or a meal or something. That changes your perspective on things.”

Wood said just about every stolen item was returned, including pottery, blown glass, an indoor wooden swing and a Herzl Kashetsky portrait of a woman created with text.

The items were found abandoned on the steps of the St. John the Baptist Anglican Church in Chamcook.

RCMP said it appears the thief or thieves either had a guilty conscience or realized the art couldn’t easily be sold. Although the artwork has been recovered, the investigation continues.

“I feel just happy and just speechless really. I don’t know, it’s amazing,” said Wood.

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